April Habit #20 Resist The Urge

Dear FlyLady,Just want to share that my Mother (now 93 years old) taught me to make my bed when I was only 3 years old.

It has always been a habit as far back as I can remember–and I don’t remember much about when I was 3!

I didn’t always keep my room picked up, but my bed was always made. To this day, and I am 68 years old, I cannot get dressed if my bed is not made first!

So, besides making a habit of making your own beds, I urge you to teach your children also. I did! It may not always look the way you think it should look (perfectionism??), but praise your children for their efforts and resist the urge to “straighten it up.”

If you teach them, it will get better and better as they grow up, and it becomes a regular habit for them also.

God bless you all,
FlyBaby Sharon in Colorado

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