To The Newbies: It Works!

Dear FlyLady,

I have been receiving the FlyLady emails for several years, and I always read them. Most of the time, I read the daily assignment, think what a good idea it would be to do that, and delete it. Then I berate myself for not “having it together”.

But the other day, I decided to clean out my refrigerator. I grabbed a purple rag, and got started. To my surprise and delight, it took very little effort. There was some crud on one shelf and a few crumbs on the bottom, but there was no slime in the vegetable drawers, no old leftovers-turned-science-projects, and no expired foods. And this morning, when I walked into the kitchen, I felt real pleasure at my shiny sink and beautiful clean floor.

Then I read today’s assignment, to pick up and organize the floor in my closet, and to pick two pairs of shoes to give away. It was with joy and wonder that I realized my closet floor has been uncluttered for months, and there are two pairs of shoes in the car, going to the giveaway at the YMCA this morning!

So I want to say to the Newbies: it works! Read the emails, even if you don’t see how it can possibly help someone like you. Buy a few key products to get you started. For me, it was purple rags, silver rags (which I save for windows and mirrors), and my feather duster.

Thank you, FlyLady, for the daily gentle reminder. I have been learning to fly without even realizing it!


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