What To Do With Paper Clutter

FlyLady LoveDear FlyLady,

I’m going to try to send you this email again! I tried yesterday, but I don’t think that I was successful because you seem to give a speedy response and I haven’t seen one yet! Forgive me if you receive this email twice. I am not that good on the computer, yet!!!

This is what I want to say to you and to ALL of the FlyBabies out there. It is my turn to say “THANK-YOU” FlyLady for all that you do to help us, FlyBabies!! I have been an on and off again FlyBaby since last August. Now that I’m on again, I want to work at being a more dedicated and consistent FlyBaby this time. This time around I decided that I would actually “Shine My Sink” and doing this is REALLY contagious.

Shining my sink made me want to clean and clear off my counter tops and I have thrown out some old worn-out plastic-ware as well.

I finally see why you suggest that we (FlyBabies) should begin our quest to becoming clutter-free with shining our sink first. This gets us focused and inspires us to do more cleaning in our kitchen as I have cleaned my refrigerator and I’m starting on my cabinets doing a little (15 minutes) at a time! 🙂 See! I’m learning at last!!

But now that I have my counter tops cleaned and cleared off, what do I do with the pile of paper clutter that has mounted up? What papers should I keep and for how long? How long should I deal with this clutter in minutes, hours, or days at a time, because I know that this will take some time to do!!

Also, how can I maintain this paper clutter once I get it in control? Can you please help me, because this has always been a problem for me. I guess I’m asking for help with “ROUTINES” to maintain paper clutter like you so generously came up with for maintaining home clutter on a daily basis.

I hope that I’m not asking too much!!! I truly want to fix this problem once and for all! This paper clutter has gotten in my way many of the times and has kept me from being the BEST FlyBaby that I can possibly BE!!!

Because I didn’t mention all of the other places that I have paper clutter, like on my dining room table, my nightstand by my bed, and I have some in boxes in the corner of my dining room. And I know that it isn’t necessary to keep ALL of this paper and I just need a do-able plan to get it in control! Please HELP me because I know that you CAN!!!!!


Mail sick in Georgia


Dear Mail Sick,

There is a very simple answer to this. I know you won’t believe me but here goes!

Deal with the mail when it comes in the house and quit piling it up in your hotspots!

95% of the paper on your hotspots is trash! Recycle, shred, open up bills and throw away the trash when you bring it in the house. It is just that simple. Quit piling on and purge the trash first. Those piles are you saying I don’t have time!

Take 2 minutes and deal with it! Set your timer and go attack a hotspot right now!

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