April Habit #26 The Most Staying Power

Dear FlyLady,I am writing to share my bed making story.  I found you about 5 or 6 months ago and started my attempts at flying.  My husband travels a lot, but when he is in town he works from home.  He really appreciated the efforts I was making at flying and mentioned it in very positive ways on several occasions.  He thought this “thing” I was doing seemed to have the most staying power of all the “crazy things” I seem to try.

My house has never been very organized or neat – I have always been a crisis cleaner with lots of “stash and dash” situations – and we never made our bed.  But, when I started with you I focused on three primary things – shiny sink, swish and swipe, and making our bed.  Over the course of a few weeks those three things really became habits.  Of the three, the bed making seemed to really become very firmly entrenched and I was doing it every day.

Since my husband travels a lot he was either not there, or he had gotten up at the same time or earlier than me if he was home – so I was making it alone almost all the time.  One day he was sleeping later than me, so when I got up to get ready for work I just pulled my side of the covers up and went about my day.  When I got home that night I walked into my room and he had made the bed and even put all the decorative pillows on the bed – of which there are 7 that he thinks are crazy “fru-fru” items.  I mentioned how much I appreciated that he had done it and his response was “It’s important to you, so it’s important to me”.  I was so pleased.

Fast forward a few weeks and another situation where he was still in bed when I left for work.  Later that morning my mother called him to coordinate a trip to the car repair shop or something and he told her he was just jumping into the shower, then he needed to make the bed and then he’d be ready to meet her.  And sure enough when I got home that night the bed was made.

My mom made a point to call me to tell me what my husband had said.  She thought it was so sweet that he was taking the time to do it for me.   Anyway – I think there has only been one or two days that the bed hasn’t been made since I started flapping my wings and it only takes a minute or two.  I wish I had known years ago how good it would feel to come home from a long day of work and walk into the bedroom and see the bed so nicely made.  It is so wonderful to climb into it at bedtime.

I’m getting there with my Flying and my house is really starting to come together.  Close friends and family have noticed a difference and I just love it.  There is still more to do – but babysteps are getting me there!   Thanks for all you do to help encourage all of us FlyBabies out there.

Jennie – In Virginia

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