A Baby Flutterer


Hello FlyLady,

I’ve been fluttering for only about 2 weeks now, but I’m already noticing a difference in my home and in my attitude.  While I’ve been getting your emails for about two weeks, I only just watched the introductory video.

I feel like you know me so well!  My first reaction was “Holy COW!!  How many emails does this FlyLady send?!?”, but as I read more of them, the ideas just started to soak in, even though I wasn’t doing anything.  It took me 5 days to get around to shining my sink, but it’s shiny now and I understand why you have us start there; that sink is a lighthouse signaling the way to a more peaceful, less-stressful way of living.  Since we all use our kitchen sinks multiple times every day, we get continual reminders of our new commitment to a cleaner home.  (Kind of like your emails; I’m sensing a pattern!)

I haven’t told my husband about you; I don’t want him to think you’re just another program that I’ve tried and eventually abandoned.  I’m taking this slow, letting one thing “sink” in at a time (pun intended).  Amazingly, though, he is keeping the sink shined too and isn’t contributing to the hot spots, even though he doesn’t know anything about my specific efforts to keep it clean.  He’s fluttering too, he just doesn’t know it.  If CHAOS attracts more CHAOS, then clean and orderly attracts clean and orderly. 
We’re both full time (and more!) professionals with extensive travel commitments, so it’s been so easy for us to just collapse at the end of a long day and say “I don’t have the energy to Clean House”.  (Clean House always is capitalized in my head and said in this deep, foreboding tone-the same tone I used to hear “If you don’t do it right, don’t do it at all” over and over again in my childhood.  Enter your idea of a timer and the idea of just fifteen minutes, and suddenly my house is fifteen minutes cleaner (yes, those are official units of cleanliness) , and I feel useful, accomplished, and proud, instead of just drained, guilty, and exhausted.  Who knew you could do so much in fifteen minutes! 
Baby two-stepping in San Antonio,


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