April Habit #28 I Would Struggle

Dear FlyLady,Making my bed every morning is a habit I’ve had my whole life, thanks to my mother, who expected it to be made every day. (Thank you, Mom!)

I remember when I was a teenager (maybe even younger), and I would struggle to make it. Then I invented a way to make it much easier for me to make my bed every day, and life became so much easier.

My problem was that I had a full-size bed and to have the covers (top sheet and blankets) centered and tucking them in on the far side of my bed was way too hard. I was just a little girl and that mattress was heavy! I hated doing it. Something had to change. Here’s what I figured out to do instead: I started putting the sheets and blankets on so that they only touched the wall but didn’t get tucked in. I tucked them all in on the outside edge where I got in.

In the morning, I would just throw the covers over so they met the wall, retucked in any parts that had come out, and I was done. I also had a bedspread, but most of the time it was folded and at the bottom of my bed, so I didn’t use it every day, which was fine with Mom.

Anyhow, it made such a big difference in my life that I thought I’d share it with others. (Now, if only I could find a way to make it easier for me to wear my shoes…I stubbed my toe really badly last night and am still limping today. Baby Steps.)

Thanks for your ongoing encouragement…

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