Great Tip for a Clean Car

Dear Friends,

Over the next few weeks we are going to be using our cars to get the clutter out of our homes. Let’s get them cleaned out, so we have a place to put those boxes and bags to donate them at Good Will or your favorite charity thrift store.

You can’t organize clutter; you have to get it out of your house. Don’t save it for yard sales! This just causes more work, clutter, and guilt! Donate your clutter. Let it go! Get it out of your house. Fill up a box and immediately take it to the car. Do not stop at the front door! Keep going to the car. Do not stop in the garage! Put the box in the car. While you are out drop the boxes off.

Here is a great tip for getting the trash out of your car.

Dear FlyLady,

I just found your site about a month ago, and though I am not fully FLYing yet, my house is getting cleaner, I have delicious dinners on the table in the evenings, and my sink is shiny.  My Dear Husband and Dear Son have definitely noticed, and we all appreciate it!!

I had to reply to this messy car question post; I also struggled with car clutter.  It was CHAOS in my car.  I find that when I get home, my hands are usually too full with groceries, work, purses, lunch bags, etc, to grab my car garbage as well, and I rarely (ok never) feel like making another trip just to go back for it.  What I started to do instead was to grab a couple of pieces of garbage anytime I got out of my car anywhere else: the mall, the grocery store, my work..  They all have garbage cans outside, near the parking lot, and throwing out a couple of items every time really adds up quickly and painlessly to a clutter-free car.

Thanks for everything!
-A Happy FlyBaby


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