Snapshot That Shows You The Truth

Dear Friends,

Have you been thinking about buying a new house because you are running out of room in your current home? There are lots of shows on television that are help people find a new place to live. There are even shows that remodel your home to put it on the market so you can sell it for the largest amount. What if you took some advice for staging a home to create a living space that works for your family.

Clutter takes over every cubic foot of space in your home. We bring stuff home every single day but we rarely take anything away. Our goal is to declutter like a professional real estate agent. Think about it this way.

You hire a real estate agent to sell your home. They are going to make 6% on the sell price of you precious home. This person walks into your home and starts telling you all the changes you need to make to put your home on the market. Most of this advice is to get rid of the clutter in each room.

Your assignment for today is to put on a Real Estate Agent’s hat and walk up to your house with a cell phone and a clipboard. Take a picture. This picture helps you to see things that you have become immune too. Here are some things you will see that need to be fixed.

  1. Remove dead plants.
  2. Sweep front porch
  3. Remove cobwebs from eves
  4. Get rid of too many pots and furniture on porch
  5. Wipe down the front door
  6. Shine the windows.

Do you recognize how nice your home can look from the outside if you will do these simple things?

We are going to look at every room in our home over the next few weeks.

Are you ready to stage your home for YOUR family?


dusterimageWe are clearing out our warehouse; feather dusters and water bottles are going away.

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