What Sweet Relief

Dear FlyLady,

I recently wrote about my clean car, but I just have to write again!

My good friends from across the country occasionally have a chance to come see me. Her husband drives a big private coach and if they are anywhere near me, they go out of their way to drop by, often with little notice due to the scheduling. I love to see them, but I used to go into a tizzy knowing my house was a wreck.

This time they called and all I had to do was grab a few things for a summer supper and put out the large towels that I know they prefer. That morning I had shined my sink and cleaned the counter tops with my Purple Rags, and swished and swiped the bath with my Bronze Rags before I left for work. My living room was already clean and vacuumed, and the shower was clean from doing a little cleaning daily. AHHH What sweet relief!

Thank You so much again for your inspiration, advice, and encouragement. It has truly been life changing.

Kathy T FlyBaby in the Heartland

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