A Brand New Essay and a Challenge

Dear Friends,

We are the Queens of Procrastination, but I have a cure for this ailment. It is so simple but first let me tell you why we procrastinate. We tell ourselves that we don’t have time. There is something missing from this statement. The perfectionism rears its ugly head. What you are really saying is, “I don’t have time to do it right!”

Well I am living proof that when you eliminate perfectionism; you can accomplish anything. Perfectionism causes us to procrastinate. If, when you hear yourself say I don’t have time, you would stop! Recognize the perfectionism! Then set your timer for JUST 2 MINUTES!

As I am writing this essay I am using two minutes to write and two minutes to do something in the house.

Dishwasher unloaded

Now for two minutes of writing. I am going to decide on what to focus on next. I think floors are in my future. Our floors deal with dogs and cats. We live in the woods. I know that two minutes a day on floors can keep your floors from looking nasty.

Dustmop all my floors

I mopped every room in our home. Was it PERFECT! NO! Was it Done! YES! I did it fast. I feel that the two minutes is like working during the commercials on your favorite television show. Just imagine how much you can get done while you are up. Now think about getting your steps in while you get off your bottom.

Wet Mop my Living Room and Kitchen.

I took five minutes on this one because I was moving while the commercial was on tv. I mop like I used to mow in strips. It is fast and furious mopping. My mop is really wet with no chemicals. No streaks or dullness to my floors; I love my mop! Even though I missed a few places when I dustmopped; the wet mop got it all.

Reverse Scavenger Hunt.

I set my timer for two minutes and put away the mop and recycling in the kitchen. It was a speedy way to get things that don’t belong in the kitchen put where they belong. Clearing the countertops makes a room feel cozy. There is nothing to make you feel guilt. A true Reverse Scavenger Hunt takes an item from one room to the room it belongs in. Then grab something from that room and put it away in another room. Just imagine if everything that was sitting out on your flat surfaces was put away. Your home would look and feel beautiful.

Just sitting here and looking around I see several things that still need to be decluttered and put away. I think the next two minutes will be spent decluttering. We call this 27 Fling Boogie.

Two Minute Declutter Boogie

This hard to do when you have decluttered many items. All I found to get rid of was two cookie tins that I gave Michele but she never took home. I guess she didn’t need more clutter either. I have spent most of the two minutes putting away items underneath my coffee table. It is my stash and dash place when I am traveling.

My challenge for you today is to take the 2 Minute Challenge. Monday is our day to do our Weekly Home Blessing. Why not try it while you Bless Your Home? We would love to hear what you accomplished. Send it to me;  FlyLady@flylady.net with 2 Minute Challenge in the subject line. This is going to be fun!

You can do anything for 2 Minutes and then you get to go to the next thing on your list.


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