Less Than Two Minutes

IMG_5777Dear Flylady:

I have been reading most of the emails that come in daily and there is a change happening in my own head.  I enjoy the testimonials and today I needed to change shoes (I need special shoes which are not inexpensive) but our budget won’t support that purchase right now.  I had a pair that I had purchased but not worn very much.  I pulled them out this morning and they were covered in dust and looked pretty bad.  Then I remembered all the great uses for the Rubba Scrubba.  I pulled out my Rubba Scrubba and brushed off my dirty shoes.  I was amazed.  The dirt and dust came right off and my shoes looked quite presentable.  The Rubba Scrubba was dirty so I took it to my clean sink and washed it out and it too is now clean.

Who would have thought I could brush shoes and have them looking presentable in less than two minutes!!


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