May Habit #3 It Picks Up and Releases

Dear FlyLady,

So I finally got myself a new broom.

I have a furbaby, but he stays outside (don’t worry, he’s a Husky and loves the cold).

What I have is a husband whose beard sheds something fierce. And I sew, and no matter how hard I try to be careful, I always have tons of loose threads all over the floor.

The old broom was horrible — it would pick everything up and then never let go. If I spent 5 minutes sweeping, I had to spend another 5 minutes getting all the crud out of the broom.

The rubber bristles are amazing! They pick up just as well as a “normal” broom, maybe even better, but best of all, they release the beard hairs and the sewing thread nibbles as soon as I lift the broom from the dustpan!

It’s like magic!

FlyBaby C

FlyLady here: Our habit this month is Moving in May.

Have you ever thought about how much moving around your home you can do while you use your cleaning tools?

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