Tell Me the Difference in the Mop Cloths

Dear FlyLady!

Here’s a quick question about your mop.  I watched your video this weekend and have been inspired to use some of the products that I have bought in the past and add a few new ones to the family as well!

My question is that when I bought your mop a few years ago, I have a red mop head that I would use to pick up debris from our floor (especially when my daughter spilled many hundred of those little Perler Beads)!  I do not see the red mop head available anymore and am assuming that the blue chenille mop head has replaced it?

I’m now realizing that I should be using your mop wet as well as dry.  Is the blue mop head much different from the old red one?  I probably will buy the blue one to use wet.  Our floors are filthy and this may inspire me to start keeping them clean again!

Thanks for all you do!


Dear Ruth,

The blue chenille mop cloth is not anything like the red string waxed dust mop head that has been discontinued.  My FlyBabies did not like the red dust mop head the way I do. I still use mine just about every day. It is impregnated with wax that helps to pick up stuff and put a little sheen to the floor. It also has an odor that some people don’t like. The red mop could not be washed and that made it sort of weird for most people.

The blue chenille cloth is made of micro-fiber fingers. What I love most about it is that even if I only have a couple of minutes; my floors can get done in a speedy fashion. I don’t have to sweep first to see a clean floor. Then you can just rinse the cloth in your utility sink or take it outside to the garden hose. I just use my kitchen sink but that grossed people out. Believe it or not; I know how to shine and disinfect my sink. LOL

I tried to shorten the 11 minute long video but I forgot to save my work and lost it when the program crashed. Lesson learned. Save your work every 15 minutes.

TwinChenilleCloths400We put together two Chenille Mop Cloths for those who want more than one.

This is a great addition to the

FlyLady Cleaning System.

The best thing to use to get up the Perler Beads is our Rubba Sweepa.

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