May Habit #6 Mental Health

Dear FlyLady & Crew,Somewhere in the last few years I lost my exercise habit. Then my job went from part-time to full-time, and then I caught a cold or flu bug that wiped me out for two whole months. All movement quit. All energy was gone. Being indoors so much and feeling so weak and tired was having a definite effect on my mental health. I’d gained some more weight, and I my motivation was gone.

Then I read your challenge for May to add 15 minutes of loving movement into your day. You said, “If you can’t do 15 minutes, do 5 minutes at a time.” I thought, “I can do that!”

So Monday I got started. I did a five-minute walk with my FlyLady timer, and was surprised at how fatigued I was. I had to remind myself that I had been sick for a long time, and so of course I need to take it slowly. Later that day I took another five-minute walk, and then later on I did another five minutes. Hooray! I did it! I reported it to your website!

Now it’s Thursday and I’ve already gotten in two five-minute walks. I’ll take my third one later today. It took 3 days before I noticed that my outlook was starting to brighten. I’m feeling more cheerful and my energy is a little better. I’m not quite as tired after my five minutes. No matter how busy I am, I can always fit in a little five minute walk!

So thank you, FlyLady, for giving me the encouragement that I needed to start moving!

FlyBaby in California

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