Great Encouragement


I am a fluttering flybaby (at 46!) and just wanted to say that I find great encouragement in the ‘jump in where you are’ statement.  Us perfectionists need that encouragement to let go of yesterday’s failures/dreams and face this new day with new faith, new hope and a big enthusiastic smile.  Decluttering is what is making the difference for me, with the upstairs (main living parts ) of my home now SOOO much easier to keep clean with less stuff on the floor/surfaces.  The top of the freezer near the dining table was always full of stuff off the table when it got cleared for dinner.  Now it has stayed empty or lightly decorated  – for a whole year!  And the dining table mostly stays empty too, apart from passing homework/folding/etc for short times during the day.  The bathroom mirror stays spot free because I do a wet hands wipe and dry whenever I wash my hands and notice there are some spots there – just use the wet hands and then a dry handtowel.  20 seconds and I have joy every time I see the clean mirror.   This year the accumulated office paper (we have a from-home business) and the pile of one-day sewing stuff is in my targets, as it is a major eyesore and embarrassment in the stairwell.  But I am learning to be gentle with myself, not beat myself up when I haven’t made progress for a few days (for whatever reason).  I now treasure the joy of blessing myself and my family with a manageable home where we can all find what we need.  J

My oldest daughter (14) now recognises clothes that she can declutter and moves them out of her wardrobe.  My son (11) will voluntarily declutter/give away things that he no longer wants.  My Year 1 daughter will proudly announce that she can colour in some squares on the fridge because she decluttered 3 pictures that she doesn’t want anymore (which is a pretty big deal for her, as she gets very attached to her creations – her desk iss till messy, but… baby steps).  When we finish 500 squares as a family, we go out for morning tea or some other treat.  That was my way of helping with motivation last year and it worked.

Thank you for helping us in our ongoing journey to a joyful home, where the real treasures have time to spend with one another!

Melanie – Australia

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