Kitchen Remodel the Simple Way

Dear Friends,

This week we are in Zone 2 our Kitchens! This is the heart of our home. When our kitchen is clean it enables us to feed our family without being faced with piles of dirty dishes.

When we are in our Kitchen Zone is the time we do a little detailed cleaning. Each day you will get a mission from Rebecca. These missions are given to you in the Sneak Peek each Saturday. The missions knock out 5 items on the detailed cleaning list from our Control Journals. Here is the list from our website.

Kitchen: Detailed Cleaning List

  1. Empty refg/clean thoroughly
  2. Clean microwave inside and out
  3. Clean stove/oven
  4. Wash canister/knick-knacks
  5. Straighten drawers/cupboards
  6. Wipe fingerprints off walls
  7. Wash inside windows
  8. Clean fan/vent-a-hood filters and hood
  9. Scrub down cabinet fronts (only a few at a time)
  10. Clean light defusing bowls (glass globes over light bulbs)
  11. Clean under sink/throw away old rags
  12. Clean pet dishes

The main thing I want you to keep in mind is that our focus is on our Kitchens this week. You know your kitchen. Look at the list and compare it to your kitchen. Is there anything missing that you see that needs done. Add this to your list.

Do you want to make a dramatic change in your kitchen this week? You can do this by clearing off your counters. Yes you heard me. Put those appliances away. If you don’t use them often, find a place for them in your cabinet, hall closet, or linen closet. I keep my huge crock pot under my kitchen sink. My bread maker is in a deep drawer under our wall oven. Start at one side of your kitchen and work your way around the counters finding new places for these items. You will be amazed at the change in your kitchen.

This week I am moving my stand mixer to a counter that is rarely used. My Sweet Darling uses the toaster every day; I am moving it to the counter where he fixes his breakfast. I have decluttered my crock that holds my kitchen utensils. I reduced it by half. I can now get my spoons in the crock.

Do you have tons of magnets on your refrigerator? If you want an immediate remodel of your kitchen then clear off the front and sides of your refrigerator. Then wipe it down and your family will think you have a new refrigerator.

We get immune to our appliances, plants, and other things on our countertops. Look at these flat surfaces with the eyes of a real estate agent. Get rid of the clutter, rearrange the items, and shine what is left.

This will make you smile. Your kitchen will become an inviting place for you to spend time preparing nutritious meals for your family. I am heading into my kitchen to spend 2 minutes at a time moving things around and decluttering.

Just pretend that you are Joanna Gaines making the kitchen beautiful. We all love her. Ready set go!


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