May Habit #9 My Fitness Journey

Dear Flylady,

Since we’re in ‘moving in may‘ I thought I’d send you some of my fitness journey.

Since hitting the 35 year mark (and since then, 40), I decided that I needed to make exersize an important part of my life in order to remain healthy and mobile. I run. I can’t go to a gym. I don’t have time – or the money. I run outdoors and I like it much better. Since having my children – dd 2 and ds 1, 2 years ago, finding time to run has been very difficult – as I was always a night time runner. But you have truly been an inspiration to me. I decided that since I was getting up earlier than the rest of the family anyway- with my lace up shoes already on, i might as well run in the morning – scratch that, I’d HAVE to run in the morning if i ever wanted to fit running into my schedule.

So, that is what I do. I get up at 6am and run. And let me tell you, I am NOT a morning person! Never have been. People are shocked when I tell them that I get up and run every morning at 6! And I started the FlyLady way – run for a few minutes, and then walk for a few minutes (you can even take your timer and run for 2 and walk for 2 and then make the stretches bigger and bigger). I now run 3km every morning and I’m working up to 5 to run the ‘Run for the Cure’ 5k in September. I’m working up to it the same way. I run my 3k which I know I can do, and then the rest of it, I walk/run/walk/run until I can run the whole way.

Running in the morning gives me back so much. Time to myself. Time to think. Time to watch the world wake up, and here in Burlington at 6am, I can run on the road so my ankles don’t hurt from constant driveway dips in the sidewalk. I watch the sun come up every morning. Surprisingly, I have learned to love it!

Thanks for helping me to fly – I hear your kind voice all the time reminding me to be kind to myself and love myself. Loving movement is definitely one of the ways that I love myself.

Flybaby Stef in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

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