May Habit #10 The Habit of Exercise

Dear FlyLady,

I am a relatively new Flybaby, and have been flying for three months.

My problem was clutter, and within 6 weeks on your site I gave away 62 garbage bags/boxes of stuff and thrown out close to that amount. The habits of decluttering 15 minutes a day, spending 2 minutes on a hot spot, and doing a 5 minute room rescue have changed my life!

I was not good with those habits, but as a runner/triathlete, one habit I’ve always been good at is movement, so I have a few tips for those who are working to establish the habit of exercise:

1)When you make your bed, swish and swipe, and get dressed to shoes, make them your exercise clothes and shoes! Whether you run, bike, swim, rollerblade, do aerobics, yoga, walk, or do some other exercise, get dressed in those clothes and exercise first thing in the morning. You will feel better, and even if you walk 15 minutes a day, that’s almost two hours a week. Any movement is better than none!

2)If first thing in the morning doesn’t work for you, fit in the habit somewhere else. I had friends who ran at 5:15 in the morning, but when I got up, my daughter was up, so that didn’t work for me during the workweek. So I’d run at lunch on days I could, or bring my workout clothes to work, change into them after work, and run for 30 minutes before picking up my daughter. A short run was better than no run, and once I got
home, dinner/activities/bedtime got in the way.

3)For people who have young children, it is tough to fit in exercise, but if you establish a habit it can be done. Take a walk, run or bike ride while your kids are in gymnastics/karate/religion etc. classes. Go right from the class site, since you won’t do it if you have to go home to change. A baby jogger is a lifesaver so you can continue to walk or run when kids are small. Most health clubs have childcare, so you can get in your exercise while your kids are playing.

4) Take a walk after dinner. If you can walk 30 minutes a day, you are walking about 14 miles a week!

No doubt in the past I have used exercise to escape cleaning my house LOL! With FlyLady’s program, though, I’m not doing that anymore!

Good luck to everyone with the habit of movement in May. I have that one down, and I’m still working on the other habits! Thanks for all you do to help us have peaceful, healthy lives!

Trisha in Illinois

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