May Habit #11 I Had Considered

Dear Marla & Crew,I did my bit for your Moving in May challenge; here am I with my dd having just finished a 2-day, 140 mile cycle this holiday weekend.

She was one of the organizers so I decided to join her in the last minute (precisely a week before). Fortunately I have been doing a little bit most days now of  cycling, walking or swimming, building it up to an hour or so a day and I had such fun.

I started with 15 minutes and I was amazed when my physio advised that my knee and shoulder injuries would improve, not disimprove with exercise. We stopped every hour or so where every comfort and convenience was laid on including a shop with free chocolate.

There was a barbeque and a dinner for the 300 participants and even though my daughter was the only one I knew I met lots of lovely people. I would never believed I could have done this but with a police escort, meals and accommodation all planned and support vans following with bike mechanics and our luggage it was great fun.

Those who have not been on a bike for a while, they have become very light and gel saddles make them extremely comfortable. When I bought my new bike I had considered an electric one as I thought at 52 I might be getting feeble but hey, I have postponed that!

Flying along in my First Peleton in aid of the Soul of Haiti foundation

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