Enjoy Our Family

IMG_5777Dear FlyLady,

Your encouragement is invaluable, and has helped me put a positive spin on one of the hardest seasons in my life.

I am a 52 year old mom of three, my husband and I were enjoying a year of empty nesting…and I must admit during that time we were having so much fun rediscovering each other I let my routines get pretty slack.

Then the first shoe dropped. Our oldest son (a decidedly messy) realized he couldn’t make his college loan repayments on his first meager salary, so he moved home.

Then I had to have some major “womanly” surgery, and while I was recovering, we had to move my elderly mother into our home.

To be honest, although I was glad we could bless our family, I was scared. When my children were young I was able to just work part time. Now I was facing caregiving, working full time, and being a LOT older. How was I going to balance everything?

Baby Steps! That’s how. Life isn’t perfect, but with your lists, reminders, and encouragement, it certainly is doable.

Thanks for helping me enjoy our family,

Terri – fluttering in Pittsburgh

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