May Habit #13 A Class By Itself

Dear FlyLady and Crew,

It is possible that I have an allergy to the word exercise. I may not enjoy many other things, but exercise is in a class by itself.

Once upon a time I was a kid who wanted to try everything and be active. As I failed at each and every physical activity I tried, tripping over the kickball and jumping away as a baseball came at me. My limbs were hopelessly uncoordinated. It never got better, and at 12 I just gave up.

So exercise as a word or concept did not excite or enthuse me.

Since much of my “stinkin’ thinkin'” comes from those many negative experiences, by 16 I had a wonderful case of Body Clutter. Fast forward to March of last year. I started FLYing. May came with it’s movement challenge and little voices telling me to “bless my heart”, and 15 minutes is okay. It hasn’t been perfect and recently I stopped blessing my heart as chaos took over a part of my life.

Well, after 13 days of reminders and lovely sights on our walking tour, I’m up to 45 minutes of moving a day. Sometimes cut in 15 minute chunks, but I am Blessing my heart and learning to FLY.

Thanks to the soft, voice blessing my heart and life,not kicking my Franny.

FLYing in RI.

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