I Turned a Corner

IMG_5778Dear FlyLady,

I feel like I made a break through today and I decided I want to share. I will admit to having tried (and failed) your system multiple times in the past. I started again two weeks ago and told myself that this time I would make it work. Only God knows how many times I have made that same promise to myself and others, meaning my family, in the past. Today I’m sure I turned a corner, maybe even ‘the’ corner. Last night I completely skipped my Before Bed Routine AND I didn’t do the dishes or shine my sink. This morning the first thing I saw was my very sad looking kitchen and I had to quickly fill the sink with hot water, dish soap and get to work! See what I mean? Two weeks ago this wouldn’t have bothered me at all. But today…..today I had to fix it immediately! There’s no turning back or stopping me now! Thank you!

Repeat Flybaby in Washington

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