May Habit #14 Time For Me To Learn

Dear FlyLady;

Thanks to your Moving in May habit, I am doing something I have wanted to do for years: I am finally learning how to swim!! I had a few bad experiences as a child, which, coupled with a fear of water that goes back three generations on BOTH sides of my family, have left me a complete landlubber! After years of bullying as a child over this, and incredulous and insensitive conversations from adults (“What do you MEAN you can’t swim?! How can you not know how to do this?!?!?), I am finally facing my fear of water.

When I realized that the fear was starting to show up in my own two little girls, I knew it was time for me to learn.

And guess what? I LOVE IT! It is so fun and relaxing. I am in a women only beginner class taught by a lovely young woman, and I can’t wait to swim with my girls and enjoy the water experiences I have been left out of for so many years!

Thank you, FlyLady for encouraging a new habit every month. Some are small, but some, like Moving in May, are truly life-changing!

Thank you!
FlyBaby in BC

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