Why Are the Feather Dusters Being Discontinued?

Dear FlyLady,

May I ask why you are discontinuing the feather duster? I have been waiting to buy it until I get some more routines down. But I was under the impression that it was an amazing duster so why is it being discontinued?


An almost Flutterer in Iowa

FlyLady here; we have been getting these questions several times a day. Kathy put together an email just to answer the questions. She did such a great job.

Currently, the FlyLady Feather Dusters are being discontinued once they sell out. They will not be replaced (with the same or a similar item) at this time. There are a number of reasons for this; here’s just a few of what was considered before making this decision:

1. The FlyLady Feather Dusters are not selling as well as they once did, perhaps due to what’s known in the industry as “market saturation.”  This has been a staple item for FlyLady.net practically since its inception all those years ago, and most of our FlyBabies have one (or several, lol). If you don’t have one (or several, lol), this is your chance.

2. We are charged serious taxes on inventory that just “sits” in our warehouse, so we just can’t afford to keep items there that aren’t selling well anymore.

3.  When a product can be culled from the warehouse, it allows us to make room for new and/or different items.  Jack and the FlyCrew are constantly searching for new and/or different items that will best help our FlyBabies.  The best tools make the best strides to FLYing!

We offer a few other items that work fantastically well for maintenance and/or detailed dusting. For instance, our Detail Dust Mitt works very well for really getting some “old” and “layered” dust out of there!  The rags that come in our Rags in a Bag sets are also a great tool for detailed or maintenance dusting. And then there’s my favorite for maintenance dusting: The Multi Wand.  Remember, it doesn’t HAVE to be attached to our handle; you can use it to dust just the way it comes.  It reminds me of the cylindrical feather duster we used to offer (our Extreme Duster), which I LOVED.

As always, we thank you so much for your love and support!


Let me show you how to I feather dust!


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