My Favorite Day of the Week

Dear FlyLady,

Thank you for giving me my favorite weekly holiday, Anti-Procrastination Day. I look forward to it because it gives me hope that I will be able to check things off my list of unfinished tasks nagging me in the back of my mind.I know I could accomplish those things any day of the week, but somehow I have more courage and energy to tackle them on Wednesday. Tasks seem less daunting because I’m playing the game of finishing as many tasks as possible, partly for the great feeling it gives me and partly because I have great fun reporting a long list accomplishments to my twin sister. We are fellow flybabies and cheer each other on.

Other days I might relax that last five minutes before the kids come home from school, but yesterday I was thrilled that I had just enough time to wipe out the refrigerator bins to store the apples we had picked. Other days it might take a while to get out all the supplies to repair my daughter’s shoes, but yesterday I scurried around getting what I needed and had glued the soles in 7 minutes before I headed on to the next task.

I had so much fun yesterday that I think I’ll carry it on today. Thanks for Anti-Procrastination HOLIDAY!

Best wishes, Flybaby Z

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