A Personal Friend To Me

Dear, Dear Marla,

I came across your website one morning when I was depressed by the mess & clutter, and I was overwhelmed & confused on where to start. I wanted it all done right away, but it was going to take all weekend to get it done (at least!). I work outside the home, 40 hours per week, and come home each night just wanting a break from responsibility. Hence, many chores were left for the weekend, when I just wanted some R&R! Though our children are now grown and off on their own, the house is still a challenge for me. My DH has a business that he runs from home, and he keeps connected to it via the computer & phone, even on the occasional vacation. (I suppose I need to help him to carve out time (to FLY) for himself, too!)

Anyway, on that day your compassionate welcoming-message actually brought tears to my eyes. I started your system, with babysteps. I forgave myself for not being the perfect housekeeper that I wanted to be, and trusted your process. I did not know where to begin anyway, and at least you offered some guidelines. As it turned out, spending a little bit of time after work, doing some things to “bless our home,” actually made all of the difference in the level of peace that I feel at home, now. For instance, knowing ahead what I’ll make for dinner is a major stress relief! I didn’t think that it really mattered, but that bit of planning ahead makes the homecoming after work all that more peaceful. Even my DH is participating more in the general tidiness of our home. As you say, I feel like I “get a hug from my home” when I open the door and walk in, instead of feeling depressed and overwhelmed.

I am definitely a SHE, and I needed your compassionate understanding, along with your organized babysteps, to help me embrace my life. I have been sharing your wisdom (website & books) with my friends (who also are SHEs) They, too, are experiencing the wonderful results of your guidance. I still lapse sometimes, but I just “pick up where you are” and move forward. I don’t get depressed and overwhelmed now. I am so grateful for you. Your guidance has made such a difference in my life that you feel like a personal friend to me.

With a heart full of love,


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