May Habit #20 We Shouldn’t Forget

Dear FlyLady,

As we learn to move more, we shouldn’t forget our families either!

I asked my DS, age 2-1/2, if he wanted to go for a walk this morning. No way – who wants to sit in a stroller while Mommy gets her workout?!

So we are MARCHING in MAY! Wow, was he up for that idea! I set the timer for 7-1/2 minutes and told him we’d MARCH until the timer went off and then we’d turn around and MARCH home again! My DD, age 16 months (only walking 2 months now!) was so excited she was literally jumping up and down.

Off my kids marched, with me close behind. We got all the way around the block and I didn’t have to carry anyone home. No, I didn’t get my heart rate up where it needed to be (I can do that after they go to bed), but I was so happy to watch them enjoying the late spring sunshine.

They are learning the importance of moving too!

FlyMommy in Illinois

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