The Right Tools for the Job

Dear FlyLady,

We were installing a “through the wall” air conditioner today.  Drywall dust and rubble was everywhere, along with strippings from electrical wire.  When we were done, my DH picked up his tools to put away.  I asked him to grab my Rubba Sweepa while he was downstairs.  His reply, “Your what?”  “The purple thing by the ironing board,” I chuckled back.

DH slipped outside to start the grill for dinner.  I grabbed the Rubba Sweepa and it grabbed the mess on the floor into a pile.  DH walked back inside and said, “That thing cleaned the stuff up off of carpet?”  With a smerk I answered, “Yup!”  Next, my 9 year old DS (also a FlyBaby and has his own CJ) comes in and says, “FlyLady must have needed to clean up something like this before.”

DH walked away again and returned a minute or two later.  He caught me just as I was finishing up using my FlyLady Feather Duster on the drywall dust that had settled on furniture.  DH says, “Wow!  You’re quick!”  Yep, the big, scary-looking mess was gone in a flash thanks to my FlyLady tools.

FlyBaby in Michigan

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