I Am So Tired of Searching

Dear FlyLady,

I waste so much time searching for my car keys. Do you have any words of wisdom to help me keep up with my keys!

Tired of Searching

Dear Tired of Searching,

I can totally understand your frustration. I hate this feeling! I have been locked out of my car in Pisgah National Forest. It was not fun with lightning popping all around us. I was blessed to find a hatchet head in a fire ring. I was able to use it to break a tiny window to get the door open. The key to keeping up with your keys (no pun intended) is a routine! If I had had a routine for dealing with my keys before I had gotten out of the car; we would not have been accidentally been locked out when the door slammed closed on a little incline.

We set ourselves up because we don’t put our keys in the same place every time, we are asking for trouble. Even in our purses, we should have one place for them. I have mine attached to my purse. Before I get out of my car, I attach my keys to my purse. Granted I had to put a post-it note on my dash board to remember this until it became a habit.

keyshelfA couple of months ago, I asked my Sweet Darling to build me a little shelf to hold my purse and keys. I have been loving how nice it is to be able to grab and go without having to look for my keys and purse.

Another good way to keep up with your keys is to put them on a lanyard. We all have them from conferences we have been to. Attaching your keys to a lanyard gives your keys a tail so you can find them. We used to sell them but no one really wanted them because we have them in our clutter.

Here are some tips for keeping up with your keys.

  1. Put them in the same place every time you use them.
  2. Attach them to your purse before you get out of your car.
  3. Put a bracelet on them to hang on your arm. (Jailer’s ring)
  4. Attach a colorful lanyard to them. Give your keys a tail to grab.
  5. Set up a launch pad in your home to place your keys and purse
  6. Don’t come in your door with a huge armload of stuff.
  7. Put your keys where they go when you first walk in the door
  8. Focus on establishing a place for your keys and purse. 3M Command Hook.
  9. Put a Post-it Note on your dash to remind you to put your keys on your purse.
  10. Get a carabiner clip, D Ring clip to attach to your purse handle.
  11. Don’t get in a hurry! Slow Down! When we hurry we forget things.

You can save time if you will practice putting your keys where they belong. That is what our routines do for us. The best part is you don’t have to get stressed out hunting for those keys. This is a big win for the whole family!

One more key tip. LOL hide a back up key in your purse. Be sure to not put it in a safe place. We all know about those safe places; they are black holes. I have a valet key that came with my truck in my wallet. This will help keep you from panicking.

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