You’re The Voice in My Head

Dear FlyLady,

This morning the pop up waste on my basin didn’t pop up. I pushed the thing and nothing happened. And my immediate reaction was to groan and think I don’t have time – and then I heard your voice in my head.

“Do it now!
Just two minutes – then you’ll know whether you need to call out the plumber.
I’m so proud of you!”

So I rummaged under the basin, pulled out a bunch of bottles, realized I can’t see anything and have to work by feel… Found the bit that pops up the plug, look, that works. So the other thing must have got disconnected. Found the other thing. Found a twiddly bit and figured that must be the connector. After a couple of false starts and a careful exam of the twiddly bit, I joined them back together and NOW IT WORKS!!! 😀

Look at me, FlyLady. I am DIY queen and I’m so proud of me. I didn’t add it to my list and worry about it for days and weeks while I cursed about the inconvenience of it all. I just did it. In two minutes. Now I feel like a proper superhero.

I love you!!!

FlyBaby H.

FlyLady here: I am so proud of you! You have allowed our messages and images to sink into your beautiful mind! We loving call this FLYwashing!

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