May Habit #26 No Time Limit While Moving in May

Dear FlyLady,I read your emails every day and I find myself thinking more and more about the life changes for me and my family that have occurred by thinking in babystep/15 minute increments. Weight has been an issue for me almost my entire adult life.

But it wasn’t until last night that it hit me. If I can conquer the once-seemingly monumental task of creating a tidy home on a regular basis by babystepping the process, I can do the same with my weight.

Previously, it was so overwhelming to think about losing such a large amount of weight, that any progress would be stamped out by my frustration with the amount of time it took to accomplish even the smallest weight loss. Last night I realized, instead of thinking ‘I have 100 pounds to lose’ (never even said it out loud let alone shared it with a stranger), I know I can lose five pounds.

Feeling like I’ve done every crash diet and 90 day exercise regime with no continued success, this thought resonated with me like standing in a belfry and hearing the church bell sound. I can lose five pounds by moving just fifteen minutes at a time. Then, and only then, will I allow myself to think of the next five pounds.

As long as I’m still living there is no time limit, only the ones I impose on myself. Thank you for the no judgment zone your kindness has created where sharing thoughts like these is liberating not scary.


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