May Habit #27 Hula Hooping while Moving in May

Dear FlyLady,I have been reading all these moving in may emails and last week I had a well woman visit where they asked me about exercise and vitamins. Well that combination has really had an effect on me!

Last week I went for a 20 minutes fast paced walk. And I was SPENT. But as the week progressed, I didn’t get another chance to get outside for my walk. I have four kids, 4yoDD, 3yoDS, 2yoDS and 3moDS, and I couldn’t find a convenient time of day where I could get outside before dark.

I tried a stationary bicycle in the fall, but the one I borrowed ended up being pretty loud and my legs were sore long before I broke a sweat, it just didn’t work out.

I needed something quiet (so I wouldn’t wake the baby), indoors, cheap, easy and FUN! Well I have had a hula-hoop in the back of my mind now for years, and while wandering through Target yesterday I thought – this is my moving in may solution!

But, I have never learned how to do it! Well, I can practice for 15 minutes right? And within 10 minutes, I had that hoop spinning for more than a minute at a time and I was sweaty! I was sweaty and worn out by 20 minutes! I was having so much fun! I stopped there because the kiddos needed me, but I could totally do this everyday!

And for $8, it was the perfect price! Thanks to all these moving in may emails, I have ended up finding a wonderful fitness solution that I
*hope* will help me build up the strength and stamina I have wanted for years.

Thank you!

Flybaby Heather

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