That is the best way to describe what I feel. I’m in the education industry and one of my strengths is the ability to teach teachers and students how to articulate their thoughts and feelings. But, I was having such a difficult time trying to find the words to truly express what I’m feeling being a Flybaby. So empowered is as close as I could get.

I’ve been flying for about three months. I’ve always had a clean and organized home. But since I have gotten older (52 years), maintaining a clean and organized home was draining all of my energy. I would be exhausted all of the time and unable to enjoy my clean home. What happened? Why the change in my stamina? I tried consulting with my doctor, therapist, Pastor and yoga. Nothing helped. I still had a clean and organized home, but exhausted to the max.

During a devotional period, I was praying with everything within me, asking God for help. I came across this scripture. Matthew 12:28-30, Are you tired? Worn out? Come to me. Ge away with me and you’ll recover your life. I’ll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me-watch how I do it. Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.”

What Lord? OK!!! So I started to research cleaning and organizing. I felt silly because I was already clean and organized. My problem was that I was exhausted. But I stayed on the path listening to my heart. That’s when it happened. I stumbled upon FlyLady with a simple google search. I had no idea my life was about to be transformed.

I dug deep. Being in the education industry, I have been taught to research everything. (lol) So I read everything on the website, watched any YouTube video that was titled FlyLady and searched social media. Everything kept coming back to two things. Routines and tools. I examined my routines/processes and then compared them to FlyLady. I then went through each and every one of my cleaning tools and compared them to FlyLady. After my research, I sat down in my favorite chair and cried. The revelation hit me suddenly. My routine was to clean every room, every day with perfection and the tools I used were costly and outdated. I was killing myself physically, mentally and financially trying to keep a clean home. So I thanked God for the revelation and in my heart I thanked FlyLady.

I immediately put into motion, everything that FlyLady suggested and I also purchased the tools that she recommended. My life was transformed and I was empowered. My home is now cleaner than before (who would’ve imagined) and it is a well-organized running machine. Because of my routines and Control Journal, anyone can jump right in. Most of all, I’m not exhausted!!! I clean for 15-20 minutes a day, following the FlyLady method. I want to say it again, my home is cleaner and much more organized than before….and I’m not exhausted!!! Thank you so very much for empowering me.


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