June Habit #2 No Trouble At All

I’ve always wanted to drink more water, but somehow never got round to it, as there were always “more important” things to do.When I first joined FlyLady, it was one of the firs things I implemented, and with no trouble at all. It suddenly dawned on me that it is completely crazy that I need “permission” by e-mail from someone half-way across the world to get up and refill my glass!

So first I did it with the excuse “FlyLady said so”, but now I do it BECAUSE I WANT TO, as it MAKES ME FEEL GOOD! But thanks for that initial “permission” nonetheless, I needed it…

I read here that recommended water intake depends on your weight, so I checked that out and converted it into litres for my convenience. I found that I should be drinking 2.4 litres of water a day.

The counting-with-rubber-bands-method doesn’t speak to me. Instead, I took out the pint glass I still have from when I lived in England. That’s just over half a litre. So, I need to drink five glasses – that makes two before lunch and three in the afternoon. Very easy not to loose count! Anything I drink during mealtimes or in the evening is a bonus.

Sometimes I get fed up with plain water. Then I will drink sparkling water for a few days. Or add a dash of pure lemon juice. Or, in summer, a sprig of fresh mint from the garden. But most of the time I like it plain.

And recently I have begun to not only appreciate the water and its positive effects on me. I thought one day “this is so easy and so beneficial, everyone should do it!”.

And I remembered that everyone does not have access to clean, safe drinking water. And I felt humble and grateful. I knew in my head about that reality, but that day it filtered through to my heart.

Now I drink my water as an act of gratitude.

I have this opportunity – it would be rude and ungrateful to shun it. I definitely no longer feel guilty when I get up from my work to refill my glass!

Flying well hydrated in Central France,

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