June Habit #3 New Guideline For Drinking Water

Dear FlyLady,I have been flying on and off for years and also was a SHE who was initially transformed through the card system!

I have a new guideline for drinking water: I take a gulp or two at every stoplight, when I am in my car. It has been helping me to feel better and I noticed that my eyes (usually) aren’t bloodshot anymore.

A friend of mine, who is a nurse, told me that when you are dehydrated, it goes all the way down to the cellular level; every cell in your body is thirsty! I still don’t drink enough water, and I am glad that it’s our new habit for the month.

A big hug to you dear FlyLady, Pam, and also Leanne (you taught me so much about cooking, spices, planning!

I like to pretend I am hosting a cooking show when I am cooking – it’s that fun!…and I didn’t learn until I was forty years old.)

I am very, very thankful for each one of you.


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