June Habit #5 Share My System

Dear Flylady,I thought I would share my system to drink enough water after my first “month of June” with you, a few years back.

This works particularly well if you have small children to drive to school and other activities, or if your job lets you out of the office during the day.

Drink one glass of water when you get up, and one glass before bed at night.
Then drink one glass every time you leave the house, and another as soon as you get back. Same goes for the office. Take your water bottle with you ( I would NOT live without it!) everywhere you go, and sip whenever you’re waiting for something (from traffic lights to children getting out of wherever they are, to supermarket queues).

In just a few days I was drinking my eight glasses easily! And in the summer even more than that

Just in case this can inspire anyone

Thank you for helping us take care of ourselves!!!

Flybaby in Austria

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