There are Not Enough Hours in a Day

This is going to be a little different Ask FlyLady question. I am going to pose what this question would have been; Kind of like how you play the TV game show Jeopardy.

How in the world can I do all you are asking me to do; there are not enough hours in a day! Help!!!

Here is the answer that one of our members sent us today! She had an epiphany today!

I consider myself a person who is easily overwhelmed and just as easily discouraged.  I am learning to quit thinking of myself this way but none the less I was overwhelmed when I started looking at the FlyLady system. Hot spots, zones, routines, control journals, assignments – it just all seemed too much.  But once I started shining my sink I just couldn’t stop.

So I sat here at my computer thinking – this all sounds so great but it is too much for my brain to handle.  Then today I finally got it!  Babysteps!  See I was trying to take babysteps in each area instead of taking the whole system one step at a time.

When my children learned to walk they started by taking one or two steps and then falling on their bottoms.  When I tried to take 5-6 babysteps all at one time – I pretty much fell on my bottom.  Now, I’m going to take it slower (although my mind is screaming – you must get it all done NOW!).  So for today, I’ve cleaned under my bed, shined my sink, and tied my shoes.  And I think that tonight I’ll try to write out a morning routine.  Babysteps – one at a time.

Thanks for my shiny sink!

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