Do You Have a Job Hunting Control Journal?

Dear FlyLady,

I need your help!
I know a 50 year old woman should know this stuff but I taught kids most of my adult life and got just about any preschool job I applied for without any problems.

I am changing careers.
I have been doing online training in Medical Office coding etc.
I even signed up for resume writing workshop


All those people are organized Marla.

So I know I and lots of other FLYBABIES would be so grateful if you could maybe break this task down into routines. And considering what the resume workshop cost Yes I would be glad to pay for it.

FlyBaby Narice

Trying to remember in order for an employers to love me I have to love and have confidence in me!!

Dear Friends,

Last night I was asked if I had a Control Journal for finding a job. I had never thought about doing this. It is an interesting idea.
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This got me to thinking about the conversation I had with my friend Marc Sotkin while we were shooting the video clips for Youtube. He was very excited about what they had captured. This was very hard for me. I have never worked from a script and I was not involved in any high school play. I am not an actor nor do I know how to learn lines. These were lines that I had helped to write, so they were my words. LOL

I am very confident in my ability to talk from the heart because that is what I do. Staying on track is tough for me because I am one of you. Eventually Marc learned how to give me hand signals to help the flow of my words. We had a lot of fun! I just didn’t know how difficult this was going to be for me.

I figured out why it was difficult! I needed a routine! A routine for learning my lines and practicing. Just like with getting organized, I had to watch people who were born organized and follow what they do then adapt to fit me. I am not dumb, I just learn a little different way. That is when I remember my friend Karen Kohlhaas. She recommends FlyLady to the actors who take her class.

Why FlyLady Works

This got me to thinking about a Job Hunting Control Journal. When you get rid of your clutter, establish routines and release your perfectionism, you will find that adding another section in your Control Journal is easy. Just break down the Job Hunting process into babysteps for your daily routines and your basic weekly plan: Building a resume, looking on line for jobs, changing careers, getting more education, job interviews, wardrobe and anything else that you think needs to be on there. Job hunting has become your job. As I tell anyone; get your morning routine done then go to work. Don’t take all day to get ready to start your day. Act as if you have to leave home to go to work.

I have always said that FLYing is for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are single, married, with children or without. You just have to want to get rid of the clutter and chaos. Karen says it so well. I hope we don’t crash her website. Check out her website and see for yourself how FLYing has helped her so she can help others find their dream job.

All I can say is that without FLYing I would not be able to be your FlyLady. I would still be stuck in Clutter and CHAOS. It was only after I cleared out the clutter in my head and my home that I have found my purpose for living. I have used our simple routines to help me do everything from writing books to managing a business that I never expected to have.  I am using my routines to help me learn lines and develop a video section on our website.

I want for you what I have and it is a peaceful way of living and loving myself so I can love others. Looking for a job has to become a full time job. Pace yourself, stay focused, and fill out those online applications.

Are you ready to FLY with Less clutter holding you down!


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