Because of FLyLady

Dear FlyLady,

Because of you it took me 12 years to accept my depression.

Because of you 12 years after hubby left I’m sleeping in my bed again.

Because of you I have paid ALL my bills on time for the last 5 months

Because of you I am cooking more at home without having to wash everything I need first.

Because of you I have adopted a dog because I’m less afraid she will get hurt by clutter.

Because of you my daughter has voluntarily agreed to visit me at my house after 5 years of not stepping on my property.

Because of you I feel the hope of my granddaughter visiting me.

Because of you I am taking positive steps to FLYING although I’m not nearly ready. I have started going out with friends again.

Because of you I am saving up to purchase my first FlyShop tool although I don’t know which one.

Because of you & your site I don’t know how to properly thank you

Deb 🙂


FlyLady here; Now I am in purple puddles. Deb, I am so proud of you! You did all the work to make these things happen.

As for which tool to buy first; my choice would be a timer! Learning to use a timer changed my life! I can do anything for 15 minutes. Then I get to stop and do something else. I never get bored!

Do you have a testimonial for how your life has changed since finding FlyLady. I would love to see it and share it with others on our TESTIFLYsection of our website. Send it to me, with TESTIFLY in the subject line.

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