June Habit #8 Misinterpreting My Thirst

Dear FlyLady,A few days ago, I read an email about putting rubber bands around your water bottle to help keep track of how much water you need to drink each day. I thought it was a GREAT idea! So I used my elastic hair bands the next morning around mine.

I read somewhere once that your body needs half your weight in ounces of water to stay hydrated. So I calculated and I need about 5 of my water bottles. I kept track all day and realized I had been misinterpreting my thirst signal as hunger! Well, that must be why I am over weight and don’t feel well most of the time; I am dehydrated and overeating!!!

The 2nd day tracking, I was feeling so good that I was able to run around and play outside with my kids. They were so happy to have me playing with them instead of saying I don’t feel good!

A few weeks ago, I was carrying my 3 yr old dd to our neighbor’s storm shelter across the street during a tornado. I got half way there and couldn’t breath or carry or any farther. It’s very scary to think I could loose my children to one of the next tornadoes all because I couldn’t take care of myself. I’m guessing it was because I was dehydrated and lacked the ability to run like I used too.

I plan to keep tracking my water so my energy can stay up and I can start exercising again. Hopefully next tornado, I can run across the street carrying my child the entire way!

Thank you for all the emails! I used to get frustrated with the amount, but once I started to give into the FlyLady way I enjoyed reading through all the great success stories you helped create!

Thank you so much!
FlyBaby in Newcastle, Oklahoma!

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