June Habit #9 Drinking Water Might Help With Sleep

Dear FlyLady,June’s habit is Drinking Water, and that’s great news. I can confirm the experience of the woman who wrote earlier that she drinks more with a straw… I had no idea that it made such a difference! I’ve started gifting my friends reusable glass straws made by SimplyStraws (my favorite is the pale pink).

Initially I got the reusable straws to avoid staining my teeth with hot tea and wine, but I these days use them more often for water, since I actually drink it now! One thing that I learned during my training as a scientist is that the body processes general fluids in a different way than it processes pure H20. We can drink tea or flavored beverages all day long, but we still need pure water.

Earlier, “Flying in NC” wrote that she finds the water at her workplace tastes unpleasant; she’s probably onto something. Our taste-buds are sophisticated instruments! There may be a pollutant, leach from the pipes, or treatment residue that just isn’t healthy. Further, there could be a high mineral concentration that is making the water very acidic or alkaline. In matters of water, I trust my intuition.

There are lots of pollutants that we can’t see or taste, so if its bad enough that it actually tastes unpleasant, I don’t drink it. At my workplace, I have a 3-gallon bottle either made of BPA-free plastic or better: a glass jug (easily purchased from a beer-brewing store). I fill each jug with reverse osmosis filtered water (and add a very low level of trace minerals to balance what’s been taken out).

When it’s time to switch jugs, I bring the new one in atop a rolling suitcase after hours or on the weekend, then keep it stashed between my desk and the file cabinet. I pour my water from that into a covered pitcher on my desktop, and refill my pink-glass straw sippy cup throughout the day. With this system I’ve been doing for a year, I drink close to 3 gallons a week which is an incredible improvement!

As a scientist, I’ve experimented with just about everything to improve my sleep problems; better hydration has made a huge impact on that specific issue and my overall well-being.

Thanks FlyLady for encouraging us in Drinking Water!

Blessings aplenty,
Water Baby FLYing in Hawaii

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