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IMG_5777Dear FlyLady,

I saw a video about how someone used her Bullet Journal for her FlyLady routines, and it completely inspired me. I adopted a similar system, and make a little box for each habit that I’m working on establishing, and color it in when I’m finished. For example, 2HS is for 2 minutes at a hot spot. I like to do this 3x a day, so I shade in 1/3 of the box every time I do a hot spot. As with the FlyBaby who posted the video, getting to color the boxes really inspires me to do it! Make it fun and it will get done, right? Once something becomes a habit that I just about always get done, I stop making a box for it, so there is no longer a box for making the bed, shining the sink, or swishing and swiping, because, in happy to say, those have become habits.

So for June I added a picture of a glass with four sections. Each section represents a pint, which is equal to 2 8-ounce glasses. I to to drink a pint of water 4 times a day, and shade in a section everyone time I do.

Thank you for everything you do. I have been following your system for about 9 months now. Things started to get better immediately, and just keep improving, despite slipping occasionally. Your mopping videos totally inspired me and I now mop the kitchen in the evening almost daily. I have a white tile kitchen floor and 3 small children, so the floor used to be pretty much always dirty. I started dust mopping all the floors most days, and then your video inspired me to wet mop the kitchen daily (occasionally I skip it if I’m tired and/or it isn’t dirty). The white floor looks beautiful when it’s clean/clean enough, and or makes me happy every day. Now when I do the mopping part of the home blessing, instead of spending most of the 10 minutes scraping off a week’s worth of stuck on food around the kids’ chairs, I skip the kitchen altogether and can get to the rest of the house. I am so glad to have your mop and use it pretty much every day, for dry dust mopping the whole house and wet mopping the kitchen. I’m planning on getting a second (and maybe third) chenille mop head.

Ruth in northern California

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