One Proud Mama

IMG_5778Dear FlyLady,

I have to tell you what my six year old said to me this this morning! My kids and I have made it a habit every morning to make our beds (thanks to April’s habit of the month) and swish and swipe as part of our morning routine. We have two and half baths so the kids take turns swishing and swiping different areas of their bathroom and the half bath (one does the kid’s bathroom toilet, one does the kids bathroom sinks, counter, and mirrors, and one does the half bathroom) while I take care of the master bathroom. This morning they rotated back to the area they started with a month ago and before my six year old got started he said, “I know now how to clean a WHOLE bathroom by myself!” He was so proud of himself. He doesn’t do a perfect job by any means, but he keeps his part from getting as icky as it was before we started this habit. I’m definitely one proud mama! I hope it makes you smile as it did me.

FLYing in Alabama

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