Get Serious


I’ve been using FlyLady off and on for a couple of years but always got stuck because I could never get past decluttering. I decided to get serious and spentĀ  about 30 minutes a day and managed to get my house decluttered. It wasn’tĀ  hard and really didn’t take much time using the give away, put away or throw away method. Once I got going and started seeing results I couldn’t wait to work on it.

Then, I started on my zones. I took an hour or so and added/subtracted things that were specific to my home and jumped in with both feet.

I have just finished my second cycle of all 5 zones. Wow! I can’t even describe how perfect this way of life works. The first time I did the zones was a lot of work but manageable. The second time was a piece of cake. My husband helped me move the couch in the living room and he was shocked at how good the floor looked.
My kids are getting on board without me having to push (well maybe a little).

In the past my home looked clean on the surface but really was filthy.

Thank you so much. I have shared FlyLady with many of my friends and family.

Elko, Ga.

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