Learning to Lead

Dear Friends,

As our children grow up we find ourselves getting involved in their activities. It doesn’t matter if this is your chosen profession or someone bailed on the kids and you volunteered to help out. Whatever reason you have been placed in your leadership role it is important for you to set an example for the children. The best way to do this is to have your home in order.

I can see you shaking your heads now! What does having my home in order have to do with me being a Sunday School teacher, scout leader or soccer coach? It has everything to do with your stress levels. A calm leader is an efficient leader.

We love being with the kids. It makes us feel young again because we get to play. Let’s face it, all that any of us want to do is play. With any volunteer position there is always paperwork. That paperwork has to be done for many reasons but the main one is to keep the children safe.

I want to help you build your Volunteer/Leader Control Journal. My Grandmother taught me that everything has a place and everything in its place. Our Control Journal will be that place for your permission slips, check lists and records. It will also help you find things when you are looking for them.

When I was in the sixth grade I had my first experience with scouting. My sister Paddi had been a Girl Scout and had signed up for camp. She spent the summer with our father and could not go to camp so I got to take her place. I was hooked! Two weeks of fun, consistency and organization. Who knew that roughing it in the woods could be so much fun! I think that those weeks helped to shape me into who I am today.

After camp I joined our local troop. Each Wednesday we gathered at a church for our meetings. I remember our leaders having refreshments, crafts and activities. I also remember Patrol Leaders and having to work together as a group. I think that this is where I get my “Can Do” Spirit!

As an adult I was not involved in scouting even though it was near and dear to my heart. I did help to teach Sunday School to four, five and six year olds. I was so disorganized at the time that I am very thankful that I was only called upon once to actually teach the class.

Every adult is a teacher whether they choose to be or not! Children are watching you! They see how you react in all situations. If you are going to be a good example for the children you are guiding; you will need some simple routines in place to help you be organized. It all starts at home.

If your home is a mess you can’t find things, when you can’t find things you become stressed. That stress causes you to procrastinate. In order to lead you have to be prepared! This is why getting your home in order will help you more than anything. With that being said let’s talk about our control freak perfectionist personalities.

Your goal as a leader is to give the children wings! You can’t do that if in order to hide your flaws you have to do everything by yourself. We don’t want anyone to find out our dirty little secrets so we don’t delegate because we haven’t looked at this week’s activities or even planned for 15 minutes. We get caught up in doing it all ourselves; when in fact “You are the leader” Leaders delegate, check up on progress and reinforce good behavior.

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