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Dear FlyLady,

I had to e-mail you again about the calendar. I have my sister-in-love staying at my Mom’s house while she is on strong pain killers. I had ordered the Office in a Bag to keep her paperwork in order (love it).

Well my Mom also has been using the calendar since I had given it to her for a Christmas gift last Christmas. My Mom had asked me to put my appointments on there so she would know what I was doing throughout the month. Well when my sister-in-love came to stay at my Mom’s house I just automatically put her appointments on the calendar without thinking anything of it.

I was out running some errands and she called me on my cell phone and thought she had a Dr’s appointment that afternoon. I told her to look on the calendar in the kitchen and she would be able to see when all her appointments were scheduled. She took the cordless phone and went right to the calendar and was pleased to see that all of her appointments were right there where she could see them anytime she needed to know what was happening.

I just wanted to thank you again for such wonderful tools for making our lives easier so we don’t have to try to keep them in our heads. Just write them on the calendar and you don’t have to think about it again. Just remember to look at it before the next day so you know what is on the schedule.

Thank you again Flylady and Crew for all the hard work you do.

So. Cal.

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