June Habit #15 I Feel Great

Dear FlyLady,

I have been working to get each month’s habit down, as I have only been FLYing since January. Everyone in my life has noticed my CHAOS level, both at work and at home, decrease dramatically!

I wanted to write about June’s habit, which was something I did religiously in college, but had since let slip. My college Choir Director always said the First Commandment of Choir was, “Thou shalt not appear until thy pee is clear!”

Since this habit was introduced, I’ve referred back to that mantra constantly, and I feel great! So much more energy, and my a-bit-too-snug work skirt has been sliding down on me all day! Time to add a belt!

I keep myself organized at work with a series of small post-its across the bottom of my computer monitor, and I put 3 post-its that say “water bottle” in that list. Each time I refill my bottle, I move a post-it to the side of my monitor, and I put them back each morning.

It’s been a hot one today, and I’ve already moved 2 post-its! Thanks for all your emails, programs, and encouragement.

I know I’m not BO, but I can sure fake it!

Jenn in NJ

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