Pretend to Clean


Ohmygoodness! Yesterday, in my boredom, I was reading a random blog. The subject was cleaning for company. I have not been able to get it off my mind since!!!

This woman was instructing her readers to stash and dash!!! Seriously!!! She actually said to take all of the piles and put them into closets and drawers where a guest would never look! It was all I could do not to yell into my iPad that it won’t work!!! In the time it will take them to pretend to clean, hide, lose, forget about, find three months later, and regret having hidden them, they could have cleared that hot spot and put things away correctly!!! Oh. My. Goodness!!!

I have been flying and flapping along with you for … 15 years? I fly. I fall. I jump in where you are – repeatedly. I flutter. It’s all good!!! We don’t have to clean perfectly and we don’t have to fly perfectly in order to have peace! You are a lifesaver, a peacemaker, and a constant reminder that I am good just the way I am!

I just had to share!!

Love you, flylady!!!


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