The Gift

Dear FlyLady,

Thank you for the gift of the weekly home blessing.

By now, having lived a good, long while, having lived sometimes wisely and sometimes foolishly, and having seen a few things, ready or not, I am at last in a position to make a judgment or two.

Like so many of your lessons, the weekly home blessing has proven to be an invaluable gift. For me, the doing of the blessing tasks** somehow revealed pure, unadorned life at its deeply satisfying best. After all, what is life but work. And what is the most basic work but to make a peaceful home, a nest, a retreat where family, friends, and, yes, we ourselves can recharge. Oddly, I had missed all that (which probably explains why I’ve felt so out of sync for most of my life). But performing the weekly home blessing has become something of a zen ritual of simple awareness and appreciation.

Never again will I see floor mopping and fingerprint smudge wiping as agony to be avoided. In the fullness of time, I’ve finally seen the light.

Thank you!

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