Good News

Dear FlyLady,

Not long ago–a week or three–I emailed about how the visit of a friend inspired me to clean up my front room.  Then I mentioned that I had to deal with my kitchen because my son and his family were visiting the next week or so.  Well, I DID deal with the kitchen, shiny sink and all!  I wouldn’t call it spotless but close to it!  Now here is the GOOD news.  My son has been gone for 10 days or so and the kitchen is still in its near perfect condition, and SO is the living room!  I still have more to do but it encourages me to see that I really CAN do this AND that I have brought so much peace to my life.  I love sitting in the front room and I LOVE that there are NO dirty dishes and all counters are devoid of WAY TOO MUCH extraneous junk–I believe you would call it clutter!!!

I appreciate the tireless effort you expend on helping someone like me that is only now learning to just carry out the trash–with ALL those dreadful piles of catalogs, boxes and all those worthless whatchamacallits!  Thank you SO much!


Happy from Michigan

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